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  • Sinus Natural Remedies - How to Cure Sinus the Natural Way
    Have you given your life completely to sinus infection ; thinking there is no way out?
  • Knowing Bacterial Sinus Infection Symptoms
    Though sinus is easy to diagnosis, some doctors also use CT Scans or X-Rays to confirm the occurrence of sinus infection.
  • Natural remedies for sinus infections
    Symptoms of sinus infection are: fever, headaches, sore throat, yellowish or green colored mucus and facial pressure around the eyes, forehead and cheeks; cough; some could even think they have flu.
  • Severe Sinus Infection
    Thus, a severe sinus infection can hamper your routine life due to the symptoms that last for a longer duration.
  • Truth About Sinus Headaches
    Although, people must keep in mind that if it is indeed a sinus headache induced by a sinus infection then along with the other symptoms, the person with sinusitis will have constant yellow or green nasal discharge.
  • Chronic Sinus Infections - Fungus May be to Blame
    Health experts estimate that 37 million Americans are affected by sinus infections every year.
  • New Study Finds Doctors Overprescribing Antibiotics For Sinus Infections
    Doctors are unnecessarily prescribing antibiotics for sinus infections.
  • Prevention And Cure Of Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms
    Most doctors confirm a sinus infection by examining several parts of the face.
  • Sinus infection- sinusitis
    There are so many people that suffer from sinus infections, that in some countries alone there are more than five hundred thousand surgeries that are performed every year to help you get rid of a sinus infection.
  • How to Tell a Cold From a Sinus Infection
    Sure it is, but is it a sinus infection?
  • Sinus Infection Treatment- Without Antibiotics?
    Nonetheless, he recently managed to come down with another sinus infection.
  • Why Do We See More Sinus Infection Symptoms?
    I'm convinced that certain maladies such as sinus infection are only going to increase and as such it is important that we recognize sinus infection symptoms and look at the alternatives out there to relieve what is an every day occurrence for millions of people around the world.
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